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Advantages Of Shade Nets

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Advantages Of Shade Nets

Shade nets are mainly used in agriculture, which brings great benefits to production and income. At the same time, the price is favorable, and they can still play an important role in bad weather.

Si elshade netis covered in the cold seasons of late autumn and winter and spring, it can resist cold and frost, avoid pests and diseases, inhibit the occurrence and delay of various vegetable diseases, and improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil.

During the rainy season, vegetable fields often harden. The application of sunshade net can maintain the good particle structure and permeability of the soil, increase the soil oxygen content, which is conducive to the deep rooting and growth of the root system, and promotes the production of above-ground plants, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing production and making the seeds for direct seeding or seedling unearthed well in rainy days.

In addition to these aspects, the use of shade nets can also prevent heavy rain from directly washing boundary surfaces, reduce soil loss, protect plant and seedling leaf integrity, and improve commodity rates and commodity characteristics.

El uso desun shade clothcan prevent the damage of thunderstorm and hail very well. When we use it, it can reduce the direct impact of the rainstorm, so that the crops will not suffer much damage.

Secondly, its use can avoid pests and prevent diseases. Especially for vegetables, its shading net covers aphid and aphid, and it has good resistance to viruses. It can well inhibit the occurrence and spread of various vegetable diseases.

When the sunshade net is in use, it can increase the temperature, that is, because of this feature, it can be used better.

The sunshade net has a moisturizing effect. The principle is that after the sunshade net is covered, it has a cooling and windproof effect, which reduces the communication speed between the air in the covered area and the outside world, and significantly increases the relative humidity of the air.

At noon, the increase in humidity is the largest, the humidity is high, and the soil evaporation decreases, that is, the soil humidity is increased.

In life, don't underestimate these shade nets, their use can bring a lot of help to people, and the use methods are different, and the effects are also different.


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